Corporate Travel Done Right

Your employees travel for work, and those costs keep getting higher and higher. You will save your company thousands each year when booking through Wanderift!

icon Getting Started

icon Getting Started with Wanderift

We have made it very easy to get started. All you have to do is enter your companies name, an email address, and a password. Once you do all of that, just enter your traveler information and purchase your tokens. The final step is adding your employees to the account.

icon Do Your Tokens Expire?

Tokens through Wanderift Corporate never expire. These tokens can be used by any of the employees you have added.

icon Adding Employees

You can add as many employees to your company account as you please. All you have to do is enter your employees email address, and they will receive an email invite to create their account. The next step is to have your employees create their free Wanderift account, and they will be all set to start booking!

icon Tokens

icon What are tokens?

One token equals a one-way flight.

icon What Happens to My Unused Tokens?

With a Wanderift Corporate plan, your tokens never expire. You will not have to worry about any unused tokens!

icon Can I share or send my tokens

Yes, tokens can be shared or sent, you just need to have the traveler your sneding the tokens to create there free Wanderift account

icon Booking Window

icon What Is Our Booking Window?

You can book your next big company trip as early as one day in advance! That way if any last-minute meetings come up, you can be sure to fly out next day!

icon Payments

icon How Do Payments Work?

We make paying for your companies tokens very easy! All you have to do is enter your credit card information into our secure online form. We utilize a service that has a very strong security on all of your important personal information.

icon Receiving Tokens

There will be a temporary hold on your tokens until your ACH Payment has been processed.

icon Tokens Are All Gone…Now What?

Once your tokens are all used up, you can add more. To make things easy, we can auto renew your tokens for you. That eliminates any chance of you missing your next big meeting!

icon Only Pay for What You Need

Use the slider below to choose how many tokens you will need for your company. Just a friendly reminder that these tokens will never expire!

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Only Pay For What You Need

Use the slider to choose how many tokens you will need for your companies travel. Keep in mind that these tokens never expire!

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