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Frequently Asked Questions

What are tokens?

One token is equal to a single one-way flight to any of our destinations.

When do I get my trip details?

Once you've selected the flight, your trip details are emailed to you.

How do I book a flight?

Flights are booked through our web or mobile app.

Can I upgrade my seat?

Once you receive your trip details, you can upgrade your seats or class of service on carriers' website.

Do my tokens roll over?

For the lite plan, one unused token can roll over, and for the pro plan, two tokens will roll over.

Does Wanderift cover flight extras or add'ons?

Baggage, drinks, inflight entertainment, and any other add-ons are extra and not included in your subscription.

Long term commitment

A Wanderift subscription is month to month, meaning no long-term commitment. You can activate and deactivate your subscription on a month to month basis.

Flight cancellation

Subscribers have up 24 hours to cancel a flight after booking.