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Subscribers book their flights using tokens. One token corresponds to a single one-way flight to any of our twenty-nine destinations.

Last Minute Booking

Spice up your weekend plans with last minute bookings, book your flights within 10 days - 3 hours before a flights departure.

Simple Booking

Wanderift booking software is second to none. Booking a flight has never been easier, book a flight in under 20 seconds

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Your comfort is everything to us. Wanderift subscribers will never fly ultra-low-cost carriers, but enjoy even better pricing.

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Available destinations from Atlanta

Frequent travel affordable

4 Tokens (4 one-way flights)

$499/per month

No long term commitment

  • - 4 tokens disbursed monthly.
  • - Up to two unused token rolls over.
  • - Book your flights last minute.